Our Artists

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Here is a list of our featured artists in alphabetical order with links to their interviews, plus, if it’s a band, how many members of that band are LDS in parentheses. Click “all” to see all posts that mention that musician.

NOTE:  All of these artists self-identified as Mormons at the time of their interview.  However, people and circumstances change, so Linescratchers does not guarantee that all the artists on our site currently self-identify as Mormons, and inclusion on this list is not intended to be an accurate list of current Mormons.

Scot Alexander all
Andy Allen all
American Hollow (one Latter-day Saint) all
Argyll’s Revenge (all Latter-day Saints) all
Arhythmatik all
Australis all
The Awful Truth all
The Backgrounds all
The Barefoot Movement (one Latter-day Saint) all
Nick and Shane Barnwell (both Latter-day Saints) all
Shaun “Hammer Hands” Barrowes all
Steve Brown all
Staci Marie Carriere all
Checkpoint Charley (two Latter-day Saints) all
Calm Paradox all
Canoe (all Latter-day Saints) all
Crossing Columbia (all Latter-day Saints) all
Lori Cunningham all
Da Korum all
Dusty Dee all
KaRyn Daley all
Echoed Illusions (four Latter-day Saints since its inception) all
Fictionist (all Latter-day Saints) all
Fossil Fools (all Latter-day Saints) all
Good Morning Milo (four Latter-day Saints) all
Good Morning Passenger all
Gregg Hale all
Haun’s Mill (both Latter-day Saints) all
Jordan (JP) Haynie all
Kirby Heyborne all
Hourglass (three Latter-day Saints) all
Ian Fowles all
Idiot Glee all
Jonna all
Cary Judd all
Kristen Lawrence all
Annelise LeCheminant all
Les Sages (all Latter-day Saints) all
Less than Three (<3) all
Lime Colony (one Latter-day Saint) all
Cory Mathews all
Maurice all
Mayan Fox (four Latter-day Saints) all
April Meservy all
Colby Miller all
The Neighbors (both Latter-day Saints) all
Brianna Nicole all
Preston Pugmire all
Roxy Rawson all
Rumbo Rumba (all Latter-day Saints) all
Carolyn Southworth all
Alan Sparhawk all
Douglas Stambler (still member of Latter Day Saint Movement, no longer in the LDS Church) all
The Steelwells (two Latter-day Saints) all
Sunshine Brady and the Moonlight Lady (both Latter-day Saints) all
The Sweater Friends (both Latter-day Saints) all
Chance Thomas all
Jennifer Thomas all
Rebecca Watkins all
Young Sim all
Benjamin Zabriskie all
Jeff Zentner all