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Founder: Arthur Hatton created Linescratchers in 2008 but has stepped down as the in-charge person.  He is still available for press inquiries, however, he doesn’t make publishing decisions anymore.  Contact him at

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If you are interested in being featured in Linescratchers, either in an interview or with a music review, please contact one of our active contributors.  Before you write a contributor, check out what they’ve written in the past and note their interests.  They have real jobs and may not have time to write sometimes, so don’t be offended if they don’t have time for your project!

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Historical Figures

Jesse Gause was a member of the First Presidency until he was excommunicated in 1832. His history was forgotten for decades, and no reliable information about him is available about his life after membership in the Church, leading many to call him the “Lost Counselor” of the First Presidency.

Syphax was a king of western Numidia during the third century BC. At first sympathetic to the Romans in the Second Punic War, he switched to ally himself with Carthage, temporarily upsetting the balance of power in Africa. In a battle against Scipio Africanus, when Rome finally overcame the many losses incurred by Hannibal in southern Italy by invading Africa itself, his wounded horse threw him after an heroic charge towards Roman soldiers, and he was captured and imprisoned.

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Joseph Mecham is a graphic designer responsible for some of the artwork at Linescratchers, and is also a songwriter, guitarist, and singer, who has been involved in several awesome music projects including The Black Mountainside.