Podcast – July 5th, 2010

Interview with multi-talented composer, singer, performer, pianist, American Idol finalist, philanthropist, and Live for Music creator, Shaun “Hammer Hands” Barrowes! Shaun talks about his dance competition, his passion for music in schools, songwriting, his faith, and his sweet ride.

For more information about Shaun’s high school band tour, and his international dance competition with So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Mandy Moore, check out the websites at www.liveformusictour.com and www.liveformusicdance.com. The dance competition will be accepting submissions until August 1st, 2010.

If This Is To Be Goodbye – Jeff Zentner
Empty Beds – Good Morning Passenger
Live or Die – Shaun “Hammer Hands” Barrowes
Interview with Shaun “Hammer Hands” Barrowes
You Came Along – Shaun “Hammer Hands” Barrowes
This Time – The Sweater Friends


About Syphax

Syphax was a king of the ancient Libyan tribe Masaesyli of western Numidia during the last quarter of the third century BCE. He is also the founder of Linescratchers, a doctoral student in clinical psychology, and a singer-songwriter himself.

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