2012 Linescratchers Awards* — Scratch and Win!

We had an excellent field of candidates this year: Many of the big LDS players had new albums out and we saw some old linescratchers friends come back from the dead. Without further ado, our results, based on a popular vote:


Linescratchers 2012 Release of the Year:


Jake Workman: The Ghost and the Guest



The Ghost and the Guest (Album and eBook) cover art

Honorable mentions:

 The New Electric Sound: The New Electric Sound

Haun’s Mill: Away

The Killers: Battle Born



Imagine Dragons: Night Visions


Congratulations Jake! Good job, Killers, Imagine Dragons, Haun’s Mill, and New Electric Sound! We’re looking forward to hearing what you and the rest of the linescratchers world accomplishes in 2013. Thanks to all who voted and nominated!


*Nobody else is calling it the Scratchies so I’m giving up on that… for this year.


2 Thoughts on “2012 Linescratchers Awards* — Scratch and Win!

  1. Thanks Linesratchers and to everyone that voted!

  2. Rock on, Jake!

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