Linescratchers Awards 2012–Nominations Now Open

I’m pretty sure that Mormon continues to be distinctly uncool, and I’m quite sure that goofy t-shirts aren’t helping. But 2012 was obviously a big year for the church what with the Romneys and the Harry Reids and the Hunstmans and the Imagine Dragons and the Neon Trees and the Manti Teos and Brandon Flowerses and all. Unfortunately, Linescratchers was mostly asleep this year. Help us wake up by nominating your favorite 2012 musical releases featuring one or more LDS person for the Linescratchers 2012 awards. Nominate by replying to this post, posting a comment on facebook, tweeting with hashtag #scratchies2012, or emailing


3 Thoughts on “Linescratchers Awards 2012–Nominations Now Open

  1. Nominations so far:

    Murder of Crows “Imperfecta”
    Imagine Dragons “Night Visions”
    Neon Trees “Picture Show”
    Haun’s Mill “Away”
    The Killers “Battle Born”
    Jiminy Finn and the Moneydiggers “Campfire Carols”
    Jeff Zenter “A Season Lost”
    Low “Plays Nice Places” digital EP
    Retribution Gospel Choir “The Revolution” EP

  2. Book on Tape Worm (All the World’s A Stage)
    The New Electric Sound (Self-Titled)

  3. Checking these out now, Tom. Good stuff that had not been on my radar at all. Thanks.

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