Linescratchers Compilation Album

It’s been a hope of mine ever since I created Linescratchers to eventually make a compilation album that featured the best of our artists every year. I discovered that this is a legally tricky endeavor. In order to obtain copyrights for 10-12 songs I’d have to have each artist sign dozens of pages of paperwork, pay legal fees, and keep up with a ton of legal ramifications of selling somebody else’s music. Lacking sufficient time and resources to do all that, I put the idea on the backburner until a time when I could fully focus my attention on it.

However, with the advent of our newest fundraiser and plans to expand Linescratchers, I have been able to realize that dream in some way. We’re not actually selling the album – it’s a bonus gift for those who donate $20 or more to our fundraiser – and that means our artists could just donate their favorite or most unique tracks to us and we can give out free digital downloads to those who participate! It’s a win-win-win situation for our artists, our fans, and Linescratchers.

But some of you have still asked about the track listing, and I’m happy to oblige. Here are the songs on the first official Linescratchers Compilation Album:

Kirby Heyborne – The Hard Way
Rumbo Rumba – Ya Va A Salir El Sol
Young Sim – I Apologize
The Barefoot Movement – Find Ourselves
Good Morning Passenger – Empty Beds
Australis – Sacred Earth
Idiot Glee – Don’t Go Out Tonight
Mayan Fox – Move
Colby Miller – Collapse!
Kristen Lawrence – The Ghost of John
Roxy Rawson – (new track – to be determined)
(NEW!) The Neighbors – (to be determined)

I didn’t ask all our artists to donate a track. You can see that I really focused on having as broad a variety of music as possible: from rap to indie to violin to Latin to Halloween to acoustic to New Age and more. I think this is an important step in really showing what Latter-day Saints are capable of creating artistically in modern times. No doubt in 100 years, Mormon historians would probably be interested in these tracks, just to see what Mormon artists of the early 21st Century did. Once again, this album is available to those who donate more than $20 to our fundraiser (downloads will be made available as soon as the fundraiser is over at the end of the month). Enjoy!


About Syphax

Syphax was a king of the ancient Libyan tribe Masaesyli of western Numidia during the last quarter of the third century BCE. He is also the founder of Linescratchers, a doctoral student in clinical psychology, and a singer-songwriter himself.

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