Podcast – October 8th, 2009

HALLOWEEN EPISODE! Special episode featuring an interview with Kristen Lawrence (and her music).

Mostly Ghostly – Kristen Lawrence
Your Siren Song – Jeff Zentner
Twilight – Keith Driskill
Cats in the Catacombs – Kristen Lawrence
Souling Song (All Hallows version) – Kristen Lawrence
Souling Song (Samhain version) – Kristen Lawrence
Vampire Empire – Kristen Lawrence

For more information about Kristen Lawrence and her music, please visit:
http://halloweencarols.com AND/OR
http://kristenlawrence.com AND/OR


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Syphax was a king of the ancient Libyan tribe Masaesyli of western Numidia during the last quarter of the third century BCE. He is also the founder of Linescratchers, a doctoral student in clinical psychology, and a singer-songwriter himself.

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